Canadian Singer,
Music Producer

Thank-you Nate Hardy for recording and producing my song! You captured my vision for the song perfectly!

~ Cole V.

Artists and Productions

Nate Hardy

Singer/songwriter and producer


Ambient electric guitar and atmospheric sound scapes


Acoustic indie artist from Southern Ontario

Danielle Hope

Danielle is an indie singer/songwriter artist from Kingston Ontario.

Wild Remedy

Wild Remedy is a indie/folk trio from Ottawa Ontario.

Angela Mangoni

Angela is a gospel singer/songwriter artist from Brockville Ontario.

Music Production Services



You and I will work together to help refine your ideas, arrange and structure your songs, and choose the best instrumentation and arrangements


I have a professional environment to record instruments, vocals, and other sounds to ensure that your recordings are of the highest quality and that they capture your intended sound.


I offer high level mixing services, which is the process of balancing the levels, panning, and equalization of the individual tracks that were recorded.


I will manage the mastering and prepare the final stereo mix for distribution by adjusting the levels, EQ, compression, and other effects to create a final master recording.


I can provide post-production services like editing, adding effects, and other audio processing to refine and enhance the final sound.

Songwriting and Composition

As a songwriter, I can assist you in creating original music or improving existing songs.

Vocal Production

As a singer and performer, I can provide assistance in the way of vocal guidance or vocal production services to help you improve your vocal performance.

Music Production Consultation

I can also offer consultation services if you need help with your music project. This may include advice on songwriting, music production, marketing, and more.

Music Tutoring

I will assist you in achieving your music goals by offering intensive one-on-one coaching in guitar, voice, and/or music production.

About Nate Hardy


Nate is a Canadian born and raised musician, songwriter, singer and music producer. His passion for music began at a young age where he excelled at piano, guitar and vocals, and as a result, won several awards including the Leeds and Grenville Lions Music Festival while still in high school.

Nate pursued a career in music production and graduated from the St. Lawrence College music production program in 2020.

Nate is a well established performer throughout parts of Eastern Ontario, and can often be found playing in bars and festivals in Brockville, Kingston, Smiths Falls, Gananoque and beyond.

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Appearances and Performances


You can find Nate performing around Eastern Ontario at festivals, markets and these fine establishments: